About Me

Hi, my name is Mike Flanagan and Welcome to my Blog.Mike Flanagan

I started looking into Internet Marketing some time ago. Bought lots of Bright Shiny Objects (BSO’s), did a couple of courses and listened to various ‘gurus’. I’ve registered domains and put up some sites, but only really used them for training purposes.

The time is now right for me to start getting serious about this stuff.

My tag-line includes the phrase ‘Corporate Survivor’, with the first word meaning that I was previously employed by a large multi-national corporation in quite a senior position. The title I had was Senior Solutions Architect and the company is one of the three leading Tier 1 global IT solutions & service providers. I have worked on multi-million dollar accounts and have held a number of demanding positions.

It all came to a head though on a Monday morning in August 2010 when I finally suffered ‘burn-out’ and after nearly 4 long years, I have come out the other side – a little scarred maybe – as a ‘Survivor’. That is all now behind me and relegated to the bin marked as Previous Employment as I decided to quit in January 2014.

But long ago, sometime in the mid 70’s, I originally graduated as an electronics engineer and worked on many projects using some of the first microprocessors that were released. I haven’t written any code or done any electronic design work myself for many years as my career progressed into more senior executive technical roles that were ‘hands-off’.

I’ve always been somewhat of a technical nerd ever since I can remember, so I guess along with my career history, that sort of explains the ‘Technologist’ tag.

And now I come to ‘Entrepreneur’.  In June 1998 I resigned from a secure and stable job to started my own IT consultancy company and walked straight into a challenging systems design project at a major International Airport. Things progressed well and the company soon grew into a 25 employee strong operation offering design, support and Internet hosting.

However, in the first couple of years, the bulk of the company’s business was heavily dependent on the air transport industry. The horrendous acts of September 11 2001 caused the world’s airports and airlines into lock-down. A large number of projects were either canceled or suspended indefinitely, which meant companies like mine couldn’t survive for very long.

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